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Different films, different themes. They all coincide in showing vulnerability and struggle in real people and real circumstances as fortunate or unfortunate as they might be. I believe there is a great deal of beauty burried in these kind of  situations.

Up in Smoke

After over 1 year of hard and "rewarding" work, and accident occurred 3 days from the completion of the house. The cause is still unknown why the fire started, It all took place around 4am out of our control and responsability. 



This short film aims to show how some families do not imagine that a life in a new country can detach their relationship with their loved ones.

Working parents, mostly new comers in financial difficulties, must work twice as hard to be able to provide for their basic needs. Thus forcing them to leave their children unsupervised.
The lonely youth will be exposed to a world of experimentation and mistakes in order to learn. Unfortunately some societies are not designed to understand and forgive. The youth will therefore be labeled as someone who has chosen a path of delinquency.

Black Madonna

A song by Jessy Chase, this is the music video

Clean up day

A clean up on Earth Day 2016 for Pocna Dive Center, who got involved in helping clean up the beaches and under the ocean on Dive Against Debris event 2016 in Isla Mujeres Mexico.

L'effect Papillon
The butterfly effect

Les jeunes de l'Hôte Maison sont persuadés:

-qu'il est important de donner l'opportunité aux Québécoises 

et aux Québécois de récupérer dans les aires publiques municipales. 

-Que la récupération hors foyer doit être envisagée à partir d'un approche inclusive telle que la collecte sélective puisqu'elle permet de récupérer TOUS les types de contenants et autres matières recyclables. 

-Que la collecte sélective implantée à l'extérieur des foyers et dans de bonnes conditions fournira les meilleurs résultats en terme de quantités récupérées. 


C'est ainsi qu'elle pourra avoir un impact des plus significatifs sur la performance en regard de la politique québécoise de gestion des matières résiduelles et son Plan d'action 2011-2015.

Nichola & Sarah

A day in a life for Nichola Hall, Sarah Fitzgerald and Cristian Diaz Guerra. Reminding us all that life is an emotion in motion. Move, dance, smile, sing and be happy.

This web site is subject to a continuous metamorphosis due to the limitless flow of ever changing experiences.

Khalid S. Zampini


             Multidisciplinary Artist

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