Videos of various Art Festivals around the world, from visual art festivals to martial art festivals, music festivals and dance festivals. 

Banda Ayde at the Montreal Jazz Festival 

IPAF International Art Festival.

Festival International

de Capoeira

Carnaval Brésilien 2013

Gleo a Colombian visual artist at the international public art festival in Holbox Mexico

Holbox and the dreams of its youth


"Walls Against Censorship"

Sergio Romero

"Maquina del Tiempo" 

A short montage of Vox Sambou's concert at Sala Rosa Montreal Canada.

Evoca1 from Dominican Republic and Cix from Mexico D.F.

A short montage of Wesli's concert at Theatre Plaza in Montreal Canada, with special guest Gaya Sanya Michelle Elie and Mamselle Ruiz

This video is a parody of: "Wall against Censorship" video that denounces violence against women. It aims to transmit a valuable and factual information   through laughter. #LaughAndLearn

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Khalid S. Zampini


             Multidisciplinary Artist