The art of documenting and storytelling for the purpose of informing  and learning, is a great tool to bring awareness among people and thyself. Knowledge is power.



In this short documentary, Khalid Salahadin Zampini films an art intervention in Montreal Q.C. Canada by the artist Cerrucha.(a.k.a. Claudia Espinosa Ramos) 

This artistic intervention consisted on inviting passers-by to take and give some of their time to have the chance to know one another.

In a place where society as a whole is always on the run, where people talk to each other about the weather but not about their feelings, their dreams or other subjects that truly give a strong connection to others,...It is time to TAKE TIME to invest in honest human relations.

The Banana Art is a unique skill created by Ras Hailu Tefari from the island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean) Now living in Shashemane Ethiopia. At the age of 10 he discovered the endless shades and colours that a banana plant con offer. Once mastered the language of the Banana plant he started creating great works of art.

Banana Man


 This is an independent documentary that focuses on the ramifications of the concept of time. This documentary tries to find answers to questions such as: how important is time? how do we perceive it, how do we directly or indirectly get conditioned by it. What is time? what is the impact it has on society, how does that affect the lives of people? How does it affect the interactions with one another and with thyself?


Go And Grow


A short analysis on the importance of traveling. Why isn't there diversity in the ads about traveling and tourism? what does traveling bring to the traveler and to those who get to see the travellers? How does traveling shape someone's psyche? What are the beneficial aspects of showing all ethnicity traveling instead of showing just white people?


Feature length documentary dissecting and analyzing the subtle racism that still get perpetuated in a direct and indirect ways in big "multicultural cities such as Montreal, Toronto and New York. A documentary that raises questions and awareness on the everyday messages we involuntarily learn either through images of publicities or words we hear such as "visible minorities"

Yolanda Duarte

Yolanda Duarte, a Colombian Venezuelan multimedia artist. Performing at the end of her residency program for the Colombian ministry of culture at the Easter Block in Montreal Quebec Canada.

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Khalid S. Zampini


             Multidisciplinary Artist