Related Employment History:

2015-2017 La Piaule youth centre, educator, coordinator, animator. Montreal Q.C. Canada 

2010/2014 Maison des Jeunes C.D.N drums teacher, animator, coordinator. Montreal Q.C. Canada

2009/2010 Sound engineer, Producer and Assistant Animator CFMB Radio Montreal Q.C. Canada

2006/2008 Sound technician - Radio Operator at CFMB Radio Montreal, Montreal Q.C. Canada 

Filmed, Edited and Produced promotional videos for: 

2016 Tribe hostel in Holbox Mexico

2015 IPAf International Public Art Festival Holbox Mexico 

2014 Banda Ayde, Montreal 

2013 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Equipe Tanque, Montreal 

2013 Equipe Capoeira brasileira Montreal 

2013 Kettle Bell promo for Arts Corps 

2013 MMA Fitness pour Famme 

2012 Paulo Ramos, Montreal based Brazilian singer song writer 

2012 Bia, Brazilian singer song writer, Montreal 

2012 Balako do Samba, Montreal based Brazilian band

2012 Andiara, Brazilian singer song writer, Quebec 

2012 Forossanova Quebec based Brazilian band, Quebec 

2012 Terrato, Montreal based Brazilian band

Cameraman, Editor and Photographer for Events and Festivals:

2016 Tribe hostel in Holbox Mexico

2015 IPAF Soñando por Holbox International Public Art Festival, Mexico 

2014 Festival International de Jazz de Montreal ( Banda Ayde) 

2013 Rencontre International de Capoeira, Montreal  

2013 Brazilian Carnival, Montreal 

2012 Rio 40 Graus Montreal

2012 Equipe em Festa Montreal 

2012 Seminario e troca di Corda Jiu-Jitsu Equipe Tanque, Montreal 

Independent documentaries & Films:

2017 "majorMinority Montreal, CAN Toronto CAN, New York, USA

2016 "The butterfly effect / L'effect papillon" Montreal Q.C. Canada

2015 "T.I.M.E." Montreal, Toronto; CAN. New York USA*

2014 "The Banana Man" Shashamane, Ethiopia * 

2013 "Take time"Montreal  

2013 "The Neighbour's Short Circuit" Calistica Enterprise Montreal

2012 "Cold Country" Toronto/Montreal*

2011 "Dreaming of Masoud" Montreal

* Available upon request. Films not online as they are being submitted for festivals.  

                                                             Curriculum vitae


                                 Khalid Salahadin Zampini     (Nuvola Productions)


Personal Information

Telephone: 438 401 1504


Web site:



Khalid S. Zampini is an Ethiopian/Canadian artist raised in Italy, resident in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

For over 25 years Khalid has being immersed in the world of visual arts and of performing arts. All through his childhood to his University years at Concordia, Montreal, Q.C. Canada as a theatre student in the fine arts, he has being shifting from different styles and practices such as: music, theatre, painting, photography, and film.

He also participated in intense film and documentary workshop offered by award winning Director and Producer Masoud Raouf.  

Khalid S. Z. wrote, directed and co-produced Cold Country with Masoud Raouf's special participation along with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and  published by  RCI (Radio Canada International).

Khalid S. Z. founded Nuvola Productions, a documentary, film and photography production company.  

His work consists in filming, editing and producing videos and photographs of various events, ranging from concerts and festivals to producing short films, documentaries and promotional videos. With his work he promotes local and international artists and events around his home city of Montreal, and different cities around the world. His work is also socially engaged. Through the art of storytelling and documentary filmmaking, he works raising consciousness by adding his voice with those of other artist in order to amplify social message in need of attention. 





English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Harare 

This web site is subject to a continuous metamorphosis due to the limitless flow of ever changing experiences.

Khalid S. Zampini


             Multidisciplinary Artist