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Violence against humanity. This is part 3 of the series on violence. Hollywood, T.V shows, the news and every kind of mass media has being shaping our existence by manipulating our minds and hearts on how to feel, what to support and rejects, what to love and kill. If you are a public figure that is capable to influence a large number of people. We the people have the right to hold you responsible for your actions and to judge you for your silence.

Bed room talks is a series of short episodes that are designed to create a platform of communication between people. The aim with this web series is to get us all to question and analyze the daily dose of lies, myths, hypocrisy and manipulations we get fed in a subtle indirect ways. I think that by communicating our views peacefully and respectfully we can find a middle ground to actually understand each other. With communications and understanding comes human connection and empathy.

Violence Against Men

Violence isn't just physical, to be deprived of emotions is another form of extreme violence.

Violence Against Women

Is there a fundamental difference between women and men? Is it possible that forcing little boys to suppress their emotions could actually be counterproductive in preventing violence against women?

Ad Games

This episode urges us all to pay close attentions to the images we see on ads in our daily lives. We should always analyze the information that we get given directly and indirectly and how those information influence all of us, and how it impacts our differences/non differences.

My Sexy Prime Minister

Can Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau be sexier?

The organizers of the St-Jean Baptiste of 2017 let their ignorance and inner racism take over their good judgement. They explicitly told the world that inclusion for the non white quebecois is the hard physical work, while the arts are for the white people.

St-Jean Baptiste, Je me souviens 1

The Loud Italian Silence

The dormant fascism has woken up in Italy

St-Jean Baptiste, Je me souviens 2


-Ethiopia is the only African country that has never been colonized by Europe? Italy tried 2 times, and both times failed! -Why are war criminals depicted in a painting inside a church? -Why are symbols of death and human mistakes still present?

St-Jean Baptiste, Je me souviens 3

Orange is not the new black

St-Jean Baptiste, Je me souviens 4

Montreal Comedy


Montreal's comedy scene is getting spiced up!!! lots of colours and flavours are enriching the Montreal's comedy culture. Comedians from different countries and background are making this city funnier then ever before.

Modern Time Slavery

Lets just ask ourselves what slavery really is, Lets analyze how much propaganda we get fed each day, Lets ask about the art of public manipulations..... Lets create communication, and lets talk about our concerns, even with people who disagree with us strongly.

Canada Can

Finally the Canadian passport has a new look and it is quite appealing to the eye. But what about showing more diversity instead of perpetuating white settler colonial images?

Canada Can 2

This video is a reply to the reactions that the first video (Canada can) had.  

"White power" is the only way to end White Terrorism!!!

White saviour wanted

Dear white people

This video is an attempt to destroy racial DIVISION and tension in North America and hopefully in the world. The only way that I know of at the moment in achieving such goal is to point out the dirt in order to be able to clean it. We mustn't be afraid or pointing out the obvious for fear of making mistakes or being judged as long as we are open for conversation, Let's give the chance for someone to point out our mistakes and grand us in return the chance to learn and grow. Doing so we might realize that we all are in this together; And only together we could have a positive contribution for this world towards a better tomorrow.

First Stand up in French

Stand up comedy in French at the Couscous comedy club at Rialto Theatre in Montreal, Quebec Canada.

My First Stand Up

This is the first time I went on the Stage to tell a few jokes I wrote. It was lots of fun, I'll do it again for sure!!! And I do believe that there is a difference between raw language and vulgarity. I did see many comedians telling terrible jokes, Seems like homophobia, racism and misogyny are key to get a laughter these days, and that is quite unfortunate as it desensitize people, and trivialize people's suffering. Not to mention that it perpetuates ignorance, sexism and racism. I believe that there should always be a bit of theatricality in comedy, and I do believe that the comedians have to education the public through laughter. #laughAndLearn

No More Labbeling 

The system has a terrible way to distort and try to destroy human rights movements. Don´t let the system distort your ideas and lets ‪stop the labelling‬. Self-representation is crucial to fight back 

This web site is subject to a continuous metamorphosis due to the limitless flow of ever changing experiences.

Khalid S. Zampini


             Multidisciplinary Artist

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