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I am Khalid Salahadin Zampini

Ethiopian artist raised in Italy, resident in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I believe simplicity is beauty, but most of the time it is extremely difficult to simply be and smile.

We get pulled in every direction; from stress, fear, insecurity, the need to prosper and the illusion of pursuing happiness. 

We forget we are alive, worst yet, we forget we will one day die.

One key component for beauty is vulnerability, but as we live in a society where we all have to wear masks to survive, it is extremely difficult for us as fellow humans to share vulnerability with one another. Therefore we do not grant ourselves and to others the joy of life and the preciousness of the present moment.

Through photos and videos, my work aims to bring this awareness towards the simplest gestures that could put a smile on someone's soul, and give a voice, a face and a life to a person or situation that otherwise would not be heard, neither seen nor lived.


Nuvola Productions is an Independent film and photography production company.  

The works consists in filming, editing and producing videos and photographs of various events, ranging from concerts and festivals to producing short films, documentaries and promotional videos. The main aim is to promote local and international artists and events around the world. The work is mostly socially engaged; it tries to raise awareness by promoting artists, situations and social movements that have messages in need of attention.

This web site is subject to a continuous metamorphosis due to the limitless flow of ever changing experiences.

Khalid S. Zampini


             Multidisciplinary Artist

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